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1 curious fashion school grad + 1 inventive aerospace inspector = 1 Blue Platypus.


Where to begin? The fashion school graduate (Heidi) and the aerospace inspector (Scooter) decided to collaborate and combine their skills and training to make the best independent clothing line ever. After a bit of research, it was determined that Blue Platypus would be the name, because people trust the color blue and are intrigued by the idea of a platypus. This animal's characteristics put it in a class all its own, much like this extraordinary clothing line.

Rather than buying blank tees from a factory and printing them with 1 color plastisol prints, which was the norm, they decided to start from scratch. Living in Los Angeles at the time, the t-shirt industry was their oyster-- they sourced fabrics, found the best cut & sew contractors, patternmakers, dye houses and screen printers in Los Angeles, the best place to make knitwear in this great nation. They attended numerous screen printing shows, talked to experts in the industry and fellow designers and artisans, becoming Fashioneers who could not only create brilliant designs, but who strove to understand all aspects of production, including possible snags; and knew everything necessary to turn a drawing into a beautifully finished garment. Making a perfect t-shirt is harder than it seems, but it is their passion.

Continuing into the present, Blue Platypus continues its fascinating evolution (much like the animal), always striving to create new silhouettes, constantly creating new artwork, pushing the envelope. They don't follow trends, but continue to challenge themselves, with diverse themes such as vintage-inspired graphics, nature-inspired graphics, trompe l'oeil prints, urban inspirations from their Los Angeles roots, and now more rural inspirations from their current Michigan surroundings. They choose all their dye colors each season and utilize a diverse array of screen printing techniques to bring the artwork to the next level. They continue to produce all their garments in Los Angeles, since it is the best place to make knitwear, and they have close relationships with their suppliers, who have provided gorgeous, consistent quality production for years. They wash every knit garment prior to shipping, so they catch dye and print inconsistencies before they get to the customer. They are dedicated to making the world a brighter place, one MADE WITH LOVE IN USA shirt, scarf, dress, tunic at a time!

We believe color should be embraced, not feared. We believe there is a shade of orange for everyone (yes, even you!) We believe beige is not an option. We believe there is a Blue Platypus garment for everyone, even those who "don't wear t-shirts." We believe there are worse things to do than to build a dream, even in these trying times. We believe that if you try one, you'll be a customer for life. We believe in paying our suppliers fair wages, even if it cuts into our margin a bit. We believe in happily ever after. Come join us!